Fall Carnival money raised at Glennwood Elementary - 2016-17

We raised $16,000 at Fall Carnival this year! 

Here are some of the things that money will fund this school year:

Furniture for a teaching garden - $4000
New tables, and benches surrounding them, made of durable, eco, weather resistant, recycled plastic from a local manufacturer

Garden lessons and supplies - $600
Soil, seeds, Wylde Center teaching lessons in the garden

Playground improvements - $5000
Goats to eat the ivy, removal of old rotting “benches” on the side, leveling of land and trail creation in the cleared spaces (for running!), adding mulch to absorb rain / flooding, additional drainage amendments

Seesaw software - $1500
A school wide digital portfolio solution with powerful administrative tools that provide realtime insights into student learning and encourage parent engagement. Seesaw is a simple way to build a digital portfolio in a K-12 classroom. It empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school.

Classroom supplies - $2500
Each teacher / classroom received money to supplement supplies they needed for their classroom (things not included on the school supply list)