Get Your Super Hero Powers Ready! Time To SMASH into Reading


Don those capes. Cue the super hero car and special devices. It's time to SMASH into Reading during the 2018 Read-a-Thon. Read books and help our school. Talk about super powers! #GlennwoodSuperHeroes #SMASHintoREADING

The Read-A-Thon officially kicks off Friday, Feb. 2, during Community Circle. You know the drill:

  1. Set a reading goal of hours. 
  2. Collect sponsors from Friday, Feb. 2, until Sunday, Feb. 25. Record the pledges on your pledge sheet.
  3. Read! Work those super powers. Keep track of your reading hours from Friday, Feb. 2, until Sunday, Feb. 25. We want you to flex your math powers too. 
  4. Collect the pledge money you earned for Glennwood from Monday, Feb. 26, through Friday, March 2. 
    Note: Contributions can be made online until Friday, March 2, or through your personal fundraising page. 

Top earners, readers and participants will get prizes and raise money for our favorite school, Glennwood Elementary.